Citizenship Curricula

Citizenship Curricula

The concept of Akhlaq is the base on which all civic values build on. They are the morals and manners that students must practice in their relationship with others to form a peaceful and civilized society. In our Citizenship Curriculum, we have designed rules for moral behavior that comes from religion and traditions. It places unusual stress on the learning of ethics for responsible and caring citizens of the state. It aims at facilitating the students with the conventions that promote a progressive and nationalistic society based on democratic principles.

We see education as a means of improving society as a whole, and at the same time, developing individual members. Inspired by four major themes, the curriculum teaches about the ideal culture, identity politics, origins of nationhood, and civic responsibility. It emphasizes on social values and lived experiences for mandatory social cooperation. The pedagogy uses a knowledge stream from economics and political science to introduce government institutions and teach about their roles in the nation-building process.


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