Where Leaders Are Born

We foster critical inquiry through the 21st-century curriculum.

Where Versatility is Everything

We train students along national, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and ideological lines.

Where Entrepreneurs are Made

We polish the inherent capabilities of our students through co-curricular activities.

Where Words Are Powerful

We instil in our students the confidence to express themselves.

Where Knowledge is Global

We impart quality and standardized education of the international level.

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Welcome To TCS

The Creative Schools–TCS is Pakistan’s first-ever educational Network that facilitates STEAM-based learning and activities for character building. We are conscious of the socio-economic and cultural risks of the 21st century and prepare our students to actively confront them with modern skills of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. To put it into perspective, we train leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who are true to their Muslim roots and acknowledge that Pakistan is considered a moral compass of the Muslim leadership in the world. TCS’s distinctive curriculum builds on the international standards of education and Tarbbiyah informed by Islam. With a global perspective at hand, our graduates take on varied roles as a collective duty and address contemporary challenges in sciences, humanities, technology, and arts.

Pakistan's First Ten Star Schools Network

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    The Creative Schools – TCS is Pakistan’s first-ever educational Network that facilitates STEAM-based learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics -with socio-economic and cultural contexts. It adheres to the international standards of education and organization




    Office No. 3-A, 3rd Floor, IK Tower, E-11/3 Markaz, MPCHS Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan