Board of Patrons

The Board of Patrons – BOP of TCS is a supervisory, consultative body. It comprises renowned academicians, intellectuals, and experts in the fields from all over the world. The primary role is to oversee the activities and work carried out at TCS. The Board members give their inputs in the form of policy recommendations, academic contributions, administrative feedback, and participation in TCS’ events and programs. The Board has the power to lay down procedures to streamline and promote the scholarly activities of the NWA. The members also advise the Board of Curriculum and make necessary decisions.

Dr .Omer Farooq Korkmaz

The Board of Patrons – BOP of TCS is a supervisory, consultative body. It comprises renowned academicians, intellectuals, and experts in the fields from all over the world. The primary role is to oversee the activities and work carried out at TCS. The Board members give their inputs in the form of policy recommendations, academic contributions, administrative feedback, and participation in TCS’ events and programs. The Board has the power to lay down procedures to streamline and promote the scholarly activities of the NWA. The members also advise the Board of Curriculum and make necessary decisions.

Dr. Salman Shabir

Dr. Muhammad Salman Shabbir is currently working as Assistant Professor at Dhofar University, Oman. Dr. Shabbir has vast experience related to academia, research, and management related positions. He has worked as Management Director at Lahore Leads University and provided vision for the growth of LEADS Educational Group by establishing franchisee network of LEADS Group of Colleges and LEADS School System. He has worked as consultant for ORBIT Institute of Lahore, ORBIT Group of Colleges and Schools, Horizon Institute of Higher Studies Peshawar, and Bizsoft Technologies, Lahore. He has extensive experience of academic administration and curriculum development with the prominent universities of Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Salman Shabbir received his PhD in Management from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia (Accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and ABEST21), Postdoc Management from University of Science (USM), Malaysia and MS in Management from University of Management & Technology (UMT), Pakistan. He has worked as assistant professor, visiting faculty, and lecturer at renowned universities in Pakistan and abroad including Dhofar University, Oman, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, University of Central Punjab, Lahore Leads University.

Ayesha Usman

Ayesha Usman, currently working as Head of Sociology at Govt. College Women University Sialkot, possesses a vast experience of working with international organizations. She has been actively involved in policy-making forums, both national and International, negotiating agreements, managing public opinion and building and strengthening linkages.

She completed MPhil in Education Policy and Development and M.A in Philosophy, both from University of the Punjab, Lahore. Her work involves working on various aspects of Human Resource Development, designing and conducting Teacher Training Workshops and programs for the youth.

Ayesha has held prestigious positions including one of the Founding Members of International Forum on Education, Turkey (International Think Tank), Chairperson IMWU, International Muslim Women Union, Pakistan Chapter, Member of Philosophical Congress, and Institute of Policy Studies – IPS. An innate philosopher and reformer, she seeks to redeem society through education.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khattak

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khattak is a senior academician, scholar, and author, with 39 years of vast experience. Dr. Khattak has held several academic and management related positions at prominent academic institutions of Pakistan. He is the founder of Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak and Institute of Business Management Sciences at Agriculture University, Peshawar. He has taught at renowned education facilities in Pakistan as Visiting Faculty; City University of Science & Information Technology, Peshawar, Qurtaba University, University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, and University of Peshawar. Dr. Khattak is on Board of Studies of Kohat University of Science & Technology, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, and Islamia College, University, Peshawar. Previously, Dr. Khattak has provided consultancy to Mazar Sharif University and Kabul University as USAID Advisor for Curriculum Development, and UNICEF for Afghanistan on textbook and curriculum design. Dr. Khattak has authored two best seller text books approved by Ministry of Education on Educational Psychology. He has even represented the education sector of Pakistan at numerous prestigious training, forums, and workshops in England and United States. He earned his doctorate in Technical Writing and MS in Educational Psychology and Agricultural Journalism from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Dr. Khattak strives for a truly transformed education system of Pakistan that is simultaneously moving, and life-changing for the students. Thus, he seeks strong curriculum that complements in letter and spirit the 21st century knowledge industry.

Arooj Saqib

Dr. Karam Ellahi

Karam Elahi is presently overseeing the development, maintenance, operations, management and upgradation of IT services as Secretary IT at Federal Board of Review. He holds a vast experience of working in Revenue Collection, International Trade facilitation, Drugs interdiction, audit, dispute resolution, & Human resource management, planning & development. Elahi has attended numerous training courses/programs home and abroad including pre-service training as Extra Assistant Commissioner at PSA Peshawar, pre-service training as Assistant Collector Customs at CSA Lahore, Specialized Training Program at Custom House Karachi, and courses on various subjects such as communication skills, decision making, policy making, financial management, project management, budget-making, audit and accounting procedures, to name a few. He was awarded with cash prize by the Federal Board of Revenue in recognition of outstanding performance in FY 2005-06, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014- 15, 2016-17, 2017-18, and 2018-19. Elahi was key member of the World Bank funded CARE Project (Customs Administrative Reforms) team, and successfully launched the first-ever automated Customs clearance system in Pakistan, which received appreciation of the World Bank, US Customs and a number of other WTO member countries. With over 22 years of experience in industry, Elahi is an aspiring academician currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Political Science from Qurtuba University. He describes himself an avid reader of Urdu literature and greatly appreciates calligraphy.

Aisha Kamran

She holds the degree of BSC, B.Ed., MA ENG (Lang & Lit) M.Ed. and M PHIL EPM also Certificate Courses of Montessori & Administration and Supervision, Leadership and Management course from the UK, CISELT, Education for UK, guidance and counselling, Pedagogical skills courses from British council. Have over 28years of hands-on, successful experience in Education and Training Industry. Her aim has always been to ensure the Quality education for children with considerable theory and practice which will prepare them to be Professional, Skilled individuals fitted for the modern world, committed to being the communities in which they live and work. She has encouraged learning by using several different manipulatives, hands-on activities and various forms of technology. As a highly motivated and enthusiastic Trainer, she has motivated teachers, Administration, Academic Administrative, Faculty and School support and Management and Team in a manner consistent with system Policies, Procedures, Culture, Rules and strategically Academic, Administrative and financial support for all initiatives and operations. Her role is to serve as an educationist, responsible to ensure a safe learning environment for students, nurture all staff members and to communicate effectively with other educators. As a Free Lancer Trainer, she has worked as a bridge between the teachers and the Higher Management with multiple facets of the job and has ensured effective communication and Information a Bridge between all Head Teachers, Academic Coordinator, School Coordinator, Examination, and Students. She has worked in a well reputable organizations of Pakistan.

Munir Ahmad Rashid

Mr. Rashid a respected educationist, entrepreneur, award winning author, researcher, Teachers trainer, linguist, writer, working in the field for a 25 years, has been the man behind the growth in the literacy rate of Pakistan. Well known for his literary endeavors professionally in Pakistan. He earned his master degree in Urdu literature, from Karachi University, graduating with first position. Awarded the Mir Khalil ur Rehman gold medal, Mr. Rashid who began his writing career with the prose of poetry, now composes a series of literacy training textbooks for children and adults. Mr. Rashid has written for several well-known children’s magazines and he is a prolific author of children’s literature. A collection of his stories has been selected and published in New Delhi, India. The International Islamic University awarded him for his great service to children’s literature. In his vocation he collaborated with several national and international organizations including UNESCO, UNICEF, ILO, ACTIONAID, GTZ/BEFARE, MUSLIMAID, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, NCHD, NRSP, SRSP, NAZARYA-E-PAKISTAN FOUNDATION, NATIONAL FOODS LTD., THE NISHAT AND CRESENT GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, and many more. All of these renowned organizations have been benefited by his books and trainings. Mr. Rashid’s deep study and observation of children literature marks a prominent aspect of his literary career.

Dr. Mumtaz Fatima Jafari

Dr. Mumtaz Fatima Jafari is a senior academician, practicing counselor, and consultant psychotherapist, with 43 years of extensive academic experience. Dr. Jafari is presently working with COMSATS as Director Faculty Development Academy (FDA), where she is responsible for planning, implementing, revising and evaluating Professional Development Programs for existing faculty as well as newly recruited teachers for Pre-service Training. She has supervised Faculty Development Programs for more than 13 years and has worked as External Psychologist in Federal Public Service Commission for more than 20 years. Dr. Jafari is a Member Muslim Psychologists Malaysia, and has taught as an Associate Professor at International Islamic University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 5 years. She holds MS, PhD in Counseling, Counselor Education, and Educational Psychology from Indiana University, USA. Dr. Jafari is striving to add value to the overall institution of private education and to encourage students to learn ‘smart & efficient’ with her acclaimed knowledge in the education psychology and counseling industry.


Zarina Hassan

Zarina Hassan is a medical doctor, scientist, blogger, climber, writer, artist, and a humanitarian. Dr. Hassan lost her vision due to Glaucoma a few years back. She pledged not to let her disability hold her back and evolved it successfully into her outmost strength. This is the kind of spirit she wants to incorporate in students; mentoring them on tackling everyday academic as well as personal challenges. She wants to encourage students to pool their available resources, meager all the same, to bring about big results.

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