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Join Pakistan’s first ten-star School Network and invest in leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. A successful business venture that translates into the greater good for all. Partner with us to champion academic excellence and quality education in the 21st century Pakistan. By joining our Network, You will secure a promising investment plan, high returns and complete franchise supervision by accomplished professionals. We will help you establish a highly profitable enterprise

Benefits of Being Our Business Partner

  • Provision of a complete portfolio of your resources
  • Impressive benefits of TCS corporate image
  • Guaranteed future with TCS Network
  • A comprehensive educational group from playgroup to higher education
  • Promising investment plan with high returns
  • Strong leadership with a vision for 21st century skills and entrepreneurship
  • Facilitation in advanced pedagogical resources
  • Provision of holistic financial and legal support
  • Get acquainted with acclaimed educationist in the sector
  • Strategic support and international outreach
  • Proven academic excellence and quality as per the 21st century standards
  • Opportunity to invest in leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Pre-Launching Support

  • Site Selection
  • Campus Infrastructural Support
  • Operational Support
  • Pre-Teachers Training
  • Pre-Orientation Session
  • Nation-wide Media Coverage
  • Social Media Engagement Training
  • Admission Campaign Outreach
  • Strategies for International Collaboration
  • ICT Integration Support
  • Resources for Citizenship & Values-based Education
  • Complete Operational SOPs

Post-Launching Support

  • Holistic Support for STEAM-based curriculum
  • Marketing & Advertisement Support
  • Benefits of TCS International Corporate Image
  • Financial Guidance & Legal Support
  • Mental Health & Counselling
  • Continuous Training & Development Support
  • Regular Site-Monitor Visits for Quality Assurance
  • Resources for Tarbiyyah Session
  • International Faculty and Students Exchanges
  • Campus Relationship Management & IT Support
  • Kids Entrepreneurship Training
  • Leadership & Archery Camps

Get yourself affiliated with Pakistan’s most comprehensive and reputed educational group. Our services are exceptional, extensive, over and above the mainstream resources in the market. For more details, we encourage you to visit our head office and have a detailed meeting with our representative to discuss your plan and explore our services.

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The Creative Schools – TCS is Pakistan’s first-ever educational Network that facilitates STEAM-based learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics -with socio-economic and cultural contexts. It adheres to the international standards of education and organization



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