Student Code of Conduct

The “Student Code of Conduct” sets out the standards expected of students. It holds them responsible for the consequences of their actions. If there is evidence that students or the parent/guardian have breached the Code, the disciplinary protocol will be followed.
Misconduct is a behavior that:

  1. interferes safe functioning of the school or of those who study, work or teach in the school, or
  2. harms its reputation or the property, or
  3. constitutes a criminal offence.

In the event of criminal misconduct, or where it is believed that the health, safety or welfare of others may be jeopardized by the continuing presence of a person or persons they will be suspended or withdrawn from the school immediately. To the core activity of teaching and learning, students are expected to abide by the Code and:

  1. adopt a diligent and co-operative approach to all aspects of academic life, and
  2. demonstrate and acknowledge that every person, their peers, teachers, management and other staff, deserve their utmost respect irrespective of their race, culture, religion, and background.

The following actions, whether occurring on school premises or elsewhere, are examples of conduct which is not acceptable to TCS and may lead to disciplinary action:

  1. Students found cheating in examinations and handing in plagiarized assignments.
  2. Students found disrespecting or misusing, misappropriating or damaging the school property.
  3. Students bringing illegal substances onto school premises.
  4. Students found smoking within the school.
  5. Students found guilty of a criminal offence, e.g. assault, theft, fraud.
  6. Students found conducting sexual, social, racial, religious, or any other form of harassment.
  7. Action, likely to cause injury or to impair Health and safety procedures.
  8. Action, likely to cause injury or to impair electrical, gas and fire safety procedures.
  9. Fail to respect the rights of others to freedom of belief and freedom of speech.
  10. Disruption of, or improper interference with, the academic, administrative, sporting, social or other activities of the school.
  11. Obstruction of, or improper interference with, the functions, duties or activities of any student, member of staff, or visitor of the Institution.
  12. Students found violating the school study time table.
  13. Students found not wearing the school authorized uniform.
  14. Students found disrespecting their peers, teachers, management and other staff.
  15. Students found with mobile phones, iPod, tablet, laptop, kindle, gaming consoles, e-watches or any other kind of electronic devices.
  16. Female students found wearing heels, jewelry, bangles, nail polish, earrings, fancy accessories or other ornaments within the school premises.
  17. Male students found wearing a cap, hat, unauthorized belt, bandana, boots or other fancy accessories within the school premises.
  18. Students bringing vehicles, and not observing the parking and speed restrictions or drive recklessly.
  19. Students not being punctual in their attendance, (except in case of sickness and with written authorization of the School Head).
  20. Students found leaving the school during the scheduled hours without the permission of the School Head.
  21. Students found with fancy stationery items, lunch boxes or articles of a similar kind.
  22. Students found with a large amount of money.
  23. Students found exchanging video DVD, CD, video games, audio cassettes, magazines, or any such items.

Apart from that, the exchange of parcels, lunch boxes, books, stationery etc. will not be entertained by the school during the scheduled hours. All students must bring along all their items once they enter school in the morning. All notebooks used by the students must be kept neat and labelled correctly. Students must compulsorily take part in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organized by the school.

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