TCS Secondary Years Curriculum – SYC

The SYC is a two-year secondary school curriculum from Class-IX to X, to compete in compulsory international or national examinations for advanced intermediate placements at the accredited colleges in Pakistan and abroad. This qualification is suitable for the age group of 13-15 years. The curriculum foregrounds interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with vigorous analytical reasoning exercises. SYC of TCS meets international as well as recognized national academic standards. The curriculum is uniquely designed to mentor students to choose the most relevant field of study that excites them and which they see themselves exploring in their graduate studies and subsequent work life. Secondary school is the most crucial time in students’ experience, which determines their aptitudes in the professional world.

SYC not only facilitates traditional learning but also offers robotics and STEAM-based activities. Practical lessons are disbursed on entrepreneurship for future careers. Leadership sessions are organized to build self-reliance in students and boost their confidence. Individual assessments are conducted with the help of career counselors to give students an understanding of their personalities and suitable career choices. The estimates also help identify the areas where students need support and intervention for further progress. At this level of education, we prepare our students to confront the 21st-century challenges with teachings of community ship, citizenship, and character-building guided by value-based education.

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