TCS Primary Years Curriculum - PYC

The PYC of TCS is a five-year primary school curriculum for children with an average age group of 5-10 years from Class-I to V. Developed by the subject experts; it comes with a top-quality teaching and assessment resources to support an engaged learning environment. TCS is becoming a leading Primary School in Pakistan that offers a 21st-century curriculum. The teaching faculty is again highly qualified and trained to support students in becoming leaders and entrepreneurs. The pedagogy in the curriculum implementation is unique in a manner that showcases effective strategies for classroom management while maintaining a healthy interaction between the teaching faculty and parents and uses the latest technology.

The basic framework of PYC covers lesson plans and activities to nurture analytical reasoning. As well takes account of the psychological aspect, given the challenges faced by the children in their formative years. The PYC curriculum is designed in a way that motivates children to navigate their potentials in robotics and STEAM-based education. For confidence-building, we have activities planned to teach entrepreneurial skills in students. To make our students proactive members of society, we assign group projects that sharpen interpersonal skills, especially group coordination and conflict resolution. Finally, the curriculum comes with sessions on the importance of having faith and strong moral standings, acceptance, and cultural diversity.

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