Department of International Partnerships

The Department of International Partnerships at TCS maintains a close working relationship with international organizations. They are the experts in academia, who will make strategic contributions to the Network, placing a strong emphasis on diversity and international character, 21st-century practices, leadership, and entrepreneurship to the benefit of Pakistan.

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Publications and Resource Department

Publication Department of TCS provides NWA with excellent resource publication materials in the market. It materializes academic research, promotional content, books, and printable items by taking into consideration the latest educational developments. The Department offers consultation services for curriculum selection, endorsements, and organizational collaboration. Not only it saves time and the money invested in market research but also delivers the best available options ready-made and by 21st-century demands.

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Inventory Management Department

Inventory Management Department of TCS is responsible for the acquisition of equipment, materials, and book-keeping. It provides NWA with the best suppliers and service providers to garner the maximum output successfully. It caters to arrangement methods as well as aid in handling archival data and maintain supervision in item quantity. It also provides practical solutions for inventory record management, profit/loss calculations, and software tools fit for optimum results.

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Legal Department

The Legal Department of TCS comprises a cadre of licensed practitioners for litigation and consultancy on legal matters. They advise NWA on Board registrations, employee claims, procedures, contracts, and pertinent regulations. The Department also assists in affiliations with the federal and provincial Education Boards of NWA and more.

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IT Department

The IT Department of TCS makes use of information technology to present advanced solutions to all network-related issues. Our team’s primary focus is to maintain uninterrupted communication between our head office and NWA. We address website troubleshooting, provide faculty logins, technical support, updates, create social media presence, programming support, and ERP/IT training facilities.

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Media & Design Department

The Media & Design Department of TCS helps NWA build marketing materials, promotions, and all creative components. It also develops a standardized design utilizing the latest branding techniques and technology. All curriculum publications, electronic, social, and print media and advertisements are created here in collaboration with the Marketing & Business Department and the Board of Curriculum. TCS provides social media designs, web layouts, admission brochures, banners, pamphlets, everything, and with the help of the Media Group.

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Accounts & Finance Department

The Account & Finance Department of TCS deals with financial checks and balances, record keeping to ensure adequate finance management. It provides moreover, audit, and survey services, which are cost-effective for NWA. The staff specializes in income/expenditure records, budget and account management, annual reports and projections, internal audit, and other monetary protocols. With the help of the ERP system, the Department provides time-saving solutions for exhaustive book-keeping and caters to irregularities. The motivation is to enable transparency and present instant solutions to NWA.

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Human Resource Department

The Human Resource Department of TCS maintains a coordinated and progressive environment among the working staff. They get trained for out-of-the-box, off-beat thinking, and the practice of 21st-century skills. It prepares them to compete with everyday work-related challenges. The Department also develops policies and procedural guidelines to facilitate the speedy and effortless performance of other departments and the staff, especially by designing HR manuals, hiring/firing policies, and workshops for performance enhancement.

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Academics & Training’s Department

The Academics & Training Department of TCS advises NWA on related matters, and the Board of Curriculum oversees it. The Department handles curriculum development, academic manuals, examination code and conduct, academic calendar, ERP services, recruitments, and staff training, performance evaluations, and admissions criteria. It administers services in conformity with the national and international educational standards and brings you the finest of the staff trained by the best in the field.

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Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Department of TCS looks after the performance indicators and targets set for NWA. To maintain the promised standard, it better the services keeping in view the 21st-century work dynamics. It supervises other departments and services concerning human resources, marketing, training, academics, and examination, etc. The purpose is to enable a workplace, which is prepared inevitably for upcoming challenges in the education sector.

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The Creative Schools – TCS is Pakistan’s first-ever educational Network that facilitates STEAM-based learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics -with socio-economic and cultural contexts. It adheres to the international standards of education and organization




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